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Learn about our portfolio – we offer a variety of services around the technical operation of your PV system. From monitoring over repair to maintenance.


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Expertise for your photovoltaic system

The monitoring of PV systems is a multifaceted task with constantly new challenges. Our portfolio encompasses a wide variety of photovoltaic systems, from smaller installations of private owners to entire solar parks.

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Our Philosophy

Empowering the Future with Renewable Energy

Your decision to invest in a photovoltaic system is a commitment to the future. With the phase-out of nuclear energy, there’s no denying the importance of renewable sources. It’s crucial that your PV system delivers the long-term returns you expect. This benefits not only you, but society as a whole. The more efficient solar energy becomes, the greater its value – both financially and ethically.

Preserving this (green) value is what drives us. We firmly believe that the future belongs to renewable energy and we’re dedicated to making this a reality as quickly as possible. Let’s build this future together.

See How We Do It

Ever wondered what technical operations management entails? Take a peek behind the curtain at Raising Power with our videos.

Our Company

Raising Power helps you keep your photovoltaic system in top shape. As your technical operations manager, we take care of the daily monitoring of your PV system and all other regular maintenance tasks – on time and reliably.

We guarantee:

  • Absolute reliability in operations management
  • State-of-the-art technology for system monitoring
  • Continuous 365-day monitoring
  • Constant availability of qualified service technicians

Certifications and Memberships

Quality speaks for itself – and our numerous qualifications and certifications are the proof. Our work processes and results not only impress our customers but also meet the criteria of various recognized testing bodies.


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